6 Ways You Can Help the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Inspired by their namesake Jim Brady, they’re a survivor-led organization fighting to end America’s gun violence epidemic. They understand that gun violence is a multifaceted problem in need of multifaceted solutions. Even when Congress is gridlocked thanks to NRA-bought politicians, they’re making life-saving progress across the country.

Together, we can move the needle to save lives and prevent tragedies. Here’s how you can take action now.

1. Join Brady Center for a powerful gun violence prevention mobilization on the National Mall on Friday, June 10.

Ahead of the Washington, D.C., rally hosted by March For Our Lives, please join Brady, Team ENOUGH, and their co-hosts March For Our Lives, American Federation of Teachers (AFT), and This Is Our Lane.

They will unveil a powerful demonstration about America’s gun violence epidemic with a clear message: The Senate’s inaction is killing our nation’s youth.

2. Demand that Congress passes stronger gun laws. We must demand the U.S. Senate bring background checks up for a vote — even if that means eliminating the filibuster!

3. Urge Senators to confirm Biden’s nominee to lead ATF. At a time when gun violence is surging, we cannot allow the federal agency that oversees the 

4. Ask your friends and family, “Do you lock up your guns?” This simple question can save lives. Learn more about how you can ensure guns are stored safely to prevent tragedies.

5. Join the grassroots movement. Sign up to join or create a Brady chapter near you.

6. Join their grassroots action hour. Join them every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 p.m. ET / noon PT to text and phone bank to drive messages to senators. Make your voice heard!



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